You Will Be Judged

| January 22, 2016


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As a creator, you will be judged.

This is why we put things out in the world: so they can be judged (and hopefully liked).

Name a good book/song/film. Now name a bad one.

They were made by creators as well, and few people set out to make a bad thing to put into the world. At some point, someone thought the idea was worth pursuing and shipping. If it ships, it will be judged.

It doesn’t matter if you think the judgment is fair or not; just or not. What you think no longer matters. It’s in the world, and you have to decide if you’re going to stand by it or not. (And just so we’re clear: this is also a judgment on your work.)

If you aren’t prepared to be judged, don’t ship. Create, then hide it away. Only ship when you’re ready.

Just remember that you will be judged.

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