The Comix Counsel List

Revisiting Past Goals
Effective Goal Setting
Action Steps
Budgeting Part I–Expenses
Budgeting Part II–Income
Establishing Shots
Inspiration From The Trenches
Diversity Is Great…But What About MY Superhero Book?
Script Adjustments
101 Ways YOU Can Help Indy and Creator-Owned Comics
Mastering the Match Cut
Getting Feedback
#Comicmarket Watch
Should I Do A Webcomic?
Steal This Distribution Plan
Comics Plotting Tools
A Week with an iPad
Comic Book Project Management Tips
Boston Comic Con Pictorial
A Few Thoughts On Free Comic Book Day
Crafting A Log Line
Keep Going
No Go on the Logo
Workshopping a Logo: The Red Ten
The #30Characters Challenge, Six Months Later…
What to Listen To? (Part I)
Applying Seth Godin’s Principles to Your Comic Career
Recharging the Batteries
Preparing for a BIG Con (Part I)
How Many Books Should I Print?
Proofing A Book
Ten Lessons Learned Exhibiting at New York Comic Con
Offering Sketch Covers
Does the World REALLY Need New Characters?
Digital Pricing Dilemmas
Coming Up Short on Your Goals…Now What?
Setting Your #Makecomics Goals for 2012
Tackling The Short
Hodgepodge: SCAM Sells Out, Creative Differences, Procrastination, and More
What is the Ceiling on DIY Distribution?
What’s ComixTribe’s Submissions Policy
A Million Dollar Title
Tabling At Your First Convention
Getting Your Tweet On
Update: To Or Not To, That is the Question
Talking with Micah Baldwin
An Open Rejection Letter
We Are A Tribe
Tips for Submitting to Diamond
The Pre-Order Gauntlet…(Or Why Kickstarter is Kicking Ass)
Don’t Let Comics Ruin Your Life
Kickstarter: 10 Things I Think I Know
My Approach to a Kickstarter Campaign
Hard Numbers, Hard Lessons
5 Things I Learned Running A Successful Kickstarter
A Creator-Owned Sales Monster in the Making
5 Ways Kickstarter Can Be Better
When the Projects You Aren’t Working On Are Killing You
Who’s Going To Review My Independent Comic Book?
Everything You Need to Know About Small Press Distribution
Comixology Submit: A Game Changer?
A “Rotten Tomatoes” for Comics?
Prioritize Your Creative Time
Updated! Barcodes, ISBN’s, UPC’s, Oh My!
Why Aren’t I Selling More Comics?
Think Outside the Floppy
DIY Crowdfunding Fulfillment Part I–What To Do BEFORE You Launch