Get Reviewed in the C.O.Z!

Attention comic creators!

ComixTribe operates under the motto, “Creators helping creators make better comics.” But what happens once you’ve put in the hard work, made a brilliant comic, and want to share it with the world?

I believe an important part of helping creators – something we can all do – is spreading the word in whatever small way we can to get eyes on comics we feel deserve to be read.   In my case, I’m fortunate enough to have this platform here on Comix Tribe to share my reviews of quality creator-owned comics.   And I’m always looking for more!

So, if you have a comic that you’d like us to review, send an email to   I’ll talk about your comic, and offer information on where the comic can be bought.   The primary aim is to get increased exposure on creator-owned comics, and get more people reading them.   If you want more people reading your comics, what do you have to lose?   Send them over to the Creator-Owned Zone.


  • Your comic must be creator-owned. Don’t be sending me comics that you just got published by Marvel or DC.   That’s right, Brian Michael Bendis, stop spamming my e-mail inbox.   No means no!
  • Your comic must be available for purchase. The whole aim of these reviews will be to encourage people to buy your comics, and my reviews will always close with information on how you can do that.   So I’m not interested in advance preview copies.   Only send me comics that are already available to purchase (in the direct market, in bookstores, online, or through a digital download all count.)

For more information, contact   Let’s get to work on showcasing YOUR comics!

– John Lees

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