THE RED TEN #0 of 10 FCBD (May 2013)

Who are THE RED TEN? And who wants them dead? Delve deeper into the superhero murder mystery maxi-series from Tyler James and Cesar Feliciano!

Also features OXYMORON: QUIET RIOT, where a super-criminal psychopath holds a city hostage in terrifying silence as one cop struggles to stop the madman before her city burns to the ground.

DIAMOND ID:  Coming Soon
RATING: Teen + Up
FORMAT: 32 pages, color (#0 of 10 maxi-series)

Author(s): Tyler James, Paul Allor

Artist(s): Cesar Feliciano, Tyler James, Aaron Houston, Jonathan Rector, Dave Myers, Jules Rivera, Alex Cormack, Philip Dunne, Erik Reeves, Carl Yonder, Rafer Roberts

Cover Artist(s): Joe Mulvey

COPYRIGHT INFO: © Tyler James & Cesar Feliciano

THE RED TEN  is a 10-issue superhero murder mystery.