Pouch of Nuts

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Week 001: Story Talk
Week 002: Plotting
Week 003: Characters
Week 004: Writing The Pitch
Week 005: The Creative Team
Week 006: Communication
Week 007: Scripting Methods
Week 008: Scripting
Week 009: Panel Descriptions & Camera Angles
Week 010: Pacing
Week 011: Dialogue, Part 1
Week 012: Dialogue, Part 2
Week 013: Finding Your Voice
Week 014: Superhero Overview
Week 015: Superheroes & Power Fantasies
Week 016: Supervillains
Week 017: Heroes & Villains
Week 018: Superhero Levels
Week 019: Superheroes–FIGHT!
Week 020: Superhero Universe
Week 021: Horror Overview
Week 022: Bring Out Your Undead!
Week 023: There Wolf, There Castle
Week 024: Here, Zombie Zombie Zombie
Week 025: I’m Not Mad, I’m Angry!
Week 026: Who You Gonna Call?
Week 027: Horror–The End
Week 028: Keep Writing
Week 029: Becoming A Better Writer
Week 030: The White Bull
Week 031: Expectations
Week 032: Being Wary
Week 033: Working With An Editor, Pt 1
Week 034: Working With An Editor, Pt 2
Week 035: Money & Contracts
Week 036: What You Need To Know About Contracts
Week 037: Your Online Persona
Week 038: Networking
Week 039: Scheduling
Week 040: Distribution Pt 1- Digital
Week 041: Distribution Pt 2- Physical
Week 042: How Are You Gettiing Seen
Week 043: Self-Publishing, Pt 1
Week 044: Self-Publishing, Pt 2
Week 045: Self-Publishing, Pt 3
Week 046: Self-Publishing, Pt 4
Week 047: Self-Publishing, Pt 5
Week 048: Too Many Ideas!
Week 049: Financials
Week 050: Submissions
Week 051: What Happens Next?
Week 052: Pricing Your Book
Week 053: Self Worth & The Power Of No
Week 054: Choosing A Partner
Week 055: Firing Your Client
Week 056: Paying People
Week 057: Page Counts
Week 058: Flashbacks
Week 059: The Good Ol’ Boy Network
Week 060: Page Sizes
Week 061: Grow A Thick Skin
Week 062: Quality Is Job One
Week 063: Ownership Is Tricky
Week 064: Hustle
Week 065: Copyright Time
Week 066: Trademarks
Week 067: Project Management
Week 068: Write What You Know (Or, Become A Junior Scientist)
Week 069: Creator or Consumer Mindset?
Week 070: Cover Time
Week 071: Your Work Ethic
Week 072: Confidentiality
Week 073: The Name Game
Week 074: Numbers Game
Week 075: Publisher Responsibilities
Week 076: Looking Back
Week 077: Loyalty
Week 078: Community
Week 079: Decisions
Week 080: Finding Your Audience
Week 081: Advice
Week 082: Inspiration
Week 083: Be A Better Creator- Attitude
Week 084: Motivation
Week 085: Become A Better Creator- Business
Week 086: Become A Better Creator- Press Release & Solicits
Week 087: Become A Better Creator- Decide Your Story’s Medium
Week 088: Become A Better Creator- Professionalism
Week 089: Become A Better Creator- Finish What You Start
Week 090: Become A Better Creator- Barriers of Entry
Week 091: Become A Better Creator- Help Yourself
Week 092: Become A Better Creator- Who You Know
Week 093: Become A Better Creator- Have Something To Say
Week 094: Become A Better Creator- Editorial Goals
Week 095: Become A Better Creator- Seeking Feedback
Week 096: Become A Better Creator- Vacation
Week 097: Become A Better Creator- Creative Compromise
Week 098: Become A Better Creator- Marketing
Week 099: Become A Better Creator- Contracts
Week 100: Become A Better Creator- Know Your Numbers
Week 101: Become A Better Creator- Acknowledgements
Week 102: Become A Better Creator- Do The Work
Week 103: Become A Better Creator- Be Observant
Week 104: Become A Better Creator- Persistence
Week 105: Become A Better Creator- Goals
Week 106: Storytime–Medium & Commerciality
Week 107: Story Mechanics
Week 108: Borders, Time, and Color
Week 109: Transitions
Week 110: Pacing–Starting Your Story
Week 111: Conflict & Characters
Week 112: Working the Story
Week 113: Storytelling Questions To Ask Yourself
Week 114: Negotiating
Week 115: Editorial Flow
Week 116: Protips!
Week 117: Rejection
Week 118: Communication–Email & Ads
Week 119: Prose vs Sparse
Week 120: Undrawable Panel Descriptions
Week 121: Lettering Pt 1
Week 122: Lettering Pt 2
Week 123: Different Types of Feedback
Week 124: Lettering Pt 3
Week 125: Making “Better” Comics
Week 126: Excuses? Not If You Can Help It
Week 127: Mistakes
Week 128: What Are You Building?
Week 129: More Protips!
Week 130: Approaching Via Email
Week 131: Support
Week 132: Being A Newbie
Week 133: Calling Your Shots
Week 134: Snobbery
Week 135: The Creative Ego
Week 136: Hard Truths (Or, If…Then You’re Wrong)
Week 137: 5 Pages & A Cover?
Week 138: Format & Frequency
Week 139: Effective Communication
Week 140: Titles & Story Names
Week 141: Script To Thumbnails
Week 142: Contests of Champions
Week 143: Top 10 Things Creators Can Do To Help Themselves
Week 144: Ask Questions, Learn, & Then Do
Week 145: Managing Your Brand
Week 146: Increasing Awareness Of Your Brand
Week 147: Where Do You Find Inspiration?
Week 148: Guest Post on Perseverance
Week 149: Do You Cause More Work For The Creative Team?
Week 150: A Very Brief History of Comics
Week 151: Are You Building Your Worlds Correctly?
Week 152: Engaging Two Types of Readers
Week 153: What’s Your Professional Attitude?
Week 154: Top Ten Reasons Why You’ll Fail At Making Comics
Week 155: Top Five Horror Stories & Lessons Learned
Week 156: Top 10 Habits Of Successful Creators
Week 157: Top 10 Things Creators Forget
Week 158: Top 10 ComixTribe Posts of 2013
Week 159: What Are Your 2014 Goals?
Week 160: What Exercises Can Strengthen Your Skills?
Week 161: How Do You Approach Your Stories?
Week 162: How Often Do You Set Stories Aside?
Week 163: How Often Do You Adapt Other Stories To Comics?
Week 164: Which Conventions Do You Plan On Attending?
Week 165: How Many People Do You Know Who Can Further Your Career?
Week 166: How Often Can You Reasonably Publish?
Week 167: How Disciplined Do You Have To Be To Create Comics?
Week 168: Are You Ready For Some Advice?
Week 169: Are You An Effective Pitch Writer?
Week 170: Casting–Do You Do It?
Week 171: To Be Or Not To Be–Should You Quit Comics?
Week 172: What Are The Hidden Steps To Creating Comics?
Week 173: Critical or Commercial Acclaim–Which Do You Prefer?
Week 174: Is Continuing Education Important In Comics?
Week 175: Do You Really Want To Be In The Public Eye?
Week 176: Are You Doing Your Part For Comics?
Week 177: Peers–Who Are Yours?
Week 178: Critique or Personal Attack–What Is The Difference?
Week 179: Mix ‘n Match–Which Genres Can Be Mixed To Best Effect?
Week 180: Are You A Misunderstood Creator?
Week 181: How Much Research Should You Do On A Topic?
Week 182: Ghosting Panels
Week 183: Does Your Worldview Make Your Characters Preachy?
Week 184: Are You A Good Storyteller?
Week 185: Why Do We Create Superhero Stories?
Week 186: Do You Fail, or Do You Learn?
Week 187: Are You Social On Social Media?
Week 188: How Clear Is Your Voice?
Week 189: What Is The Value Of Your Name?
Week 190: What’s Stopping You From Starting?
Week 191: What Is Your Creative Wish List?
Week 192: What Are Your Keys To Productivity?
Week 193: What Can Apple Teach Us?
Week 194: Are You Defining Your Own Role In Comics?
Week 195: What Are Your Mobile Tools?
Week 196: What Are You Doing To Bring Fun & Games To Comics?
Week 197: What’s The Least You Need To Know?