THE RED TEN to be Distributed World Wide this Fall!

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Last month,  ComixTribe  signed a distribution deal with Diamond for world wide comics distribution. This means THE RED TEN, among other books, will be solicited to nearly EVERY COMIC SHOP ON THE PLANET! (As you can tell, we’re excited.) This is a tremendous opportunity for creators Cesar Feliciano and Tyler James to get their story in the hands of readers everywhere. “It’s a step we wouldn’t have been able to take were it not for fan support and retailer buy-in that proved that there is a market for our book,” said James.  “We’re psyched about this new opportunity.”

Great!  So what about THE RED TEN #3?

The only downside of this new distribution agreement is that it’s going to delay the release of  THE RED TEN #3, because we must first give  THE RED TEN #1  and  #2  a chance to distribute to the 1,950 comic shops who didn’t carry it the first time around.  Unfortunately, moving a book through the Diamond system is a much longer process than our micro-distribution set up.  (In fact,  TRT #2  was finished just a week before it showed up in shops!)

So, we will be re-releasing  a remasted version of  THE RED TEN #1  this fall through Diamond, with subsequent issues coming out on a bi-monthly basis.  THE RED TEN #3  is currently slated for a world-wide release early next year.

Not to worry, though…THE OXYMORON will hold you over until then!

We  know it’s a bummer that there will be such a long break between issues as we get TRT spun up through Diamond, so to tide over THE RED TEN fans, ComixTribe is releasing  OXYMORON, a wicked good series of one-shot stories about the fan-favorite psychopath from the pages of THE RED TEN.

A limited run, 32-page  Oxymoron #1  will be released to our microdistribution network of retailers, sold online, and digitally, later this summer, and a 100 page trade collection will debut at this year’s New York Comic Con.

I’ll also be sending an early preview to members of  THE RED TEN’s mailing list  very soon.

If you want to see more of  OXYMORON, be sure to check out the  OXYMORON Production Blog, which has a TON of great content.

If you have a local retailer NOT already supporting our book, we hope you’ll consider mentioningTHE RED TEN  and ComixTribe to them.  Every mention helps raise our awareness and increase the chances that the books will make it to the shelves.  This June,  SCAM #1  by Joe Mulvey will be the first ComixTribe book solicited to retailers through Diamond in their Previews Catalog.  If you haven’t checked out  SCAM  yet, watch this trailer (  and visit  ComixTribe  for more!

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