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After last week’s release of THE RED TEN #2 we’ve been getting some great feedback from news outlets, reviewers and bloggers.  Some of it too great not to share, so here are some highlights from reviews of THE RED TEN #2. the full reviews are definitely worth a read, I  recommend  you click on through.

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THE RED TEN #2  looked to be a step above the first issue. Not to say the first issue was bad, but this one seemed to have everything and everyone at its best. James packed a ton of story into the issue.
Feliciano really brought it as far as artwork goes in this one. The art seems to have a life of its own, which is nice. It adds to the entire feel of the comic and is just flat out pretty good.

The most striking thing about  THE RED TEN #2  is that the real meat of the series was sort of an afterthought this issue wasn’t all about them just investigating the crime. It was more about them learning who they are. It was refreshing.

THE RED TEN #2  is a solid second issue. “

Omnicomic Review by    Jonathan Pilley


“What’s appealing here isn’t only Tyler’s affection for the classic novel but also how he’s diligent in putting a realistic spin on how each character reacts. It’s not typical punch-a-bad-guy-and-save-the-day action, this here is a real whodunnit head-scratcher.

Cesar Feliciano’s artwork drives Tyler’s script and it’s impressive that he can work pages of seven or more panels without sacrificing detail. Cesar needs to improve consistency in rendering faces, however, and he’d be helped if colorist Guillermo Ucha’s occasionally overpowering darks were toned down a notch.

Still, those are minor quibbles on a unique title from a company whose name is quickly becoming synonymous with “buy on sight.”  

Newsarama Review by Jeff Marsick
with a ‘Rama Rating 8 out of 10  


“The second  instalment  of  THE RED TEN that is does exactly what every comic book needs to do—be better than the first issue… Not to say the colors in the first issue were bad in anyway but the sheer pop that comes from the page, especially with Red’s origin are just impressive.  Guillermo Ucha colors and Vic Moya are great additions and I can’t wait to see what else these guys have up their sleeve.

THE RED TEN number 2 does everything it needs to do to keep the entertainment train chugging right along. It also makes strides to get better.  So do yourself a favor and check this book out and tell all your friends that can read to pick it up. Hell, tell your friends that can’t read to pick it up.”

Comic Bastards Review by Kevin
with a score of 4/5


Right off the bat, the creators get bonus points for including a Previously section that explains to someone who didn’t pick up #1 (such as myself) literally anything you’d need to know to pick up this story from the very first panels WITHOUT killing any of the suspense.   I like that

THE RED TEN #2  has me convinced that I know who the killer is, but makes for a fun ride, earning  3.5 out of 5 stars overall.   I’m very interested to see where the story goes from here.”

Major Spoilers Review by Matthew Peterson


“James really brought his full game on this. Everything just flows so nicely, as nicely as a story of this type can. Even including the origin of Throttle right in the middle of the comic fit in a nice natural way .

The biggest shock of the whole book to me was the art. While I liked Cesar Feliciano in issue 1, I thought James brought in another artist for # 2. But I was wrong. Everyone stepped up on this issue, delivering what I would call one of the best looking independent comics I have read.

The production values on THE RED TEN #2  are off the charts and everyone involved should be damn proud of themselves.”

Comic Complex Review by  Scott M Davis

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  1. cesar feliciano says:

    Very happy with these reviews and am striving to make the next book even better. Some adjustments are being made and the story and art in issue three will not dissappoint. The pace is picking up and you will not believe the twist and turns that await our heroes.

    • Lisa-Marie Wilson says:

      Awesome to hear! These reviews were really great and more keep coming in! I’m looking forward to #3, and I’m damn pleased to hear there will be twists! Keep up the good work Cesar.

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