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ComixTribe Street Team

This is a call to arms!

ComixTribe books are now being solicited to every comic shop on the planet…but we all know having a comic listing buried in the back of a Previews Catalog won’t get you very far.   That’s why we need a team…a ComixTribe Street Team!

We want our books in every store, on every shelf, and in the hands of every reader. We’re looking for a few good men and women to help make that happen.

What is a 'Street Team' you ask?

We’re looking for a group of motivated ComixTribers willing to walk into their local comic shops and let them know about our books. Word of mouth and customer interest MATTERS.   Talking to your local comic book shops about the comics we offer and what ComixTribe is all about can make a real difference.

What Does a Street Team Member have to do?

Each month we have a world-wide comic release, you’ll get a ComixTribe Promo Pack with everything you need to advocate on our behalf.   The pack will include:

A sell-sheet with the high-concept talking points to explain to your retailer why they MUST stock ComixTribe books like SCAM, THE RED TEN and THE STANDARD.

– A demo copy or copies of that month’s book.

– A copy of the Previews Solicitation with all the ordering information handy.

Other promotional materials: Posters, postcards, buttons etc.

Does this sound like your 'Thing'?

Have you benefited from the columns and insight here at   Are you digging the books we’re making and want to see us continue to grow?   Do you want insider access on what’s next for ComixTribe? GOOD! You are who we’re looking for!

We’re assembling an initial Street Team of 50 members around the world to advocate on our behalf at their local comic shop.

What's in it for you?

Street Team members will be consider core members of the ComixTribe. Want early peeks at our books? You’ll be in the know on what’s hitting the press and when.   Have a comic project you’re thinking about getting off the ground?   We’re here to help.

Oh, and swag…lots and lots of swag.

But What sort of Swag you ask?

For starters, all Street Team members will be getting decked in a fine quality ComixTribe T-Shirt! (Seriously, these suckers are comfortable.)

You’ll also get to keep a copy of the demo books sent out each month.

We plan to deck our Street Team for the part and offer rewards for representing ComixTribe. Plus the unending gratitude from your favorite up and coming creator-owned comic publisher sweetens the deal.

It's all about you!

Most importantly and I don’t think I can stress this enough; fans make it happen. Without people reading and supporting comics like SCAM,   THE STANDARD and THE RED TEN, ComixTribe wouldn’t have made it this far. We want you on our side and to have you in our Tribe.

But There's a Catch!

Spots are limited folks! Geographical areas will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. If you want to get in on all the ComixTribe Street Team has to offer, simply fill out this short application form below:

How do you get on the Team?

We’ll review your application and be in contact soon.   Once a member of the Street Team, we’ll keep you appraised on when, where  and how to strike!

Again, thanks for all the support.   If you can’t join the street team, but still want to help, please help by spreading the word by sharing this link far and wide!


SCAM #1 of 5 (August 2012)

SCAM  is X-Men meets Oceans 11″ and involves a team of super-powered grifters on the biggest con of their lives taking down a Vegas casino and getting revenge on a former teammate who double-crossed them.

PRICE: 3.99
RATING: Teen + Up
FORMAT: double issue, 44 pages, color (1 of 5 mini series)

Check out our post on SCAM#1 for where to buy and more on this great comic.

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Amateur comic writer and avid comic reader Lisa-Marie is one of the newest additions to the ComixTribe team. Working as Publicity and Public Relations Manager she is your first stop for review solicits, interview requests and other information on authors, titles and public appearances. If you're looking to get in touch regarding any ComixTribe titles you can reach her at; and if she doesn't know the answer she will find someone who does.

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  1. Steve Colle says:

    Lisa-Marie, you’re doing a fantastic job on this and in your role in general. Kudos to you.

    You HAVE to make sure that the company gets seen at next year’s Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. In a seven year period, they have jumped from an attendance of 3,000 to over 50,000, with close to that amount being turned away at the door by the fire marshall. The Saturday saw the doors open AND close at 10 AM due to overcrowding! Imagine the opportunity ComixTribe will have in such a venue, both as a publisher and as an instructional resource. I’ll work on this end, here in Calgary. You just make sure everyone knows about it, from the powers that be to the people who love the site and product! We can work some serious magic as a TRIBE!

  2. Steve Colle says:

    By the way, I’m friends with the organizers, so I can give you all the contact information. This is the biggest Expo of it’s kind in Western Canada and soon to be in Canada itself. Our massive Stampede grounds will have every building utilized for the show next year, so we need to ensure our presence. The more people we have involved, the stronger our impact. Let’s get that booth space and have enough people to walk the floors, touching everyone in sight with the power of our enthusiasm, whether to promote the site or our products. WE ARE A TRIBE and our growth is inevitable!

    • Tyler James says:

      I’ve heard good things about that show, Steve. We’ve had to pick and choose select cons to attend this year, but ideally we’ll be in a position to make that one happen in the future.

      • Steve Colle says:

        If you can get someone out here with me, I can work it like it’s never been worked before. Get me set up. I know Steven isn’t in a position, but over the course of the next 11 months, get me some swag, books, promo material, anything that I can use to properly represent the business. I’ll even print out copies of the columns. I have a large digital photo frame that I can show pages from issues on. I can get a couple more so each book can be represented. I’ve been doing convention booth set-up for the past 20 years and have an eye for design (I worked in the furniture retail industry for 11 years before I had to leave due to my conditions, so design is second nature to me; I even won our store contests for design and promotion). We can discuss this further, but my daughter, who is 16, is VERY interested in helping me and has a strong interest in what I do.

  3. This is another great and innovative idea from the best new comic book publisher in years. As always We Talk Podcasts will be happy to help out in any way just let us know

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