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| September 20, 2013
Hello, everyone!
In an effort to reach more comic creators, both new and old, ComixTribe has decided to move our forums over to Digital Webbing.
Digital Webbing is seeing a renaissance of sorts, with new creators coming in and mingling all the time with some established creators. Luminaries such as Jim Campbell and Todd Klein post there all the time, and you never know when the likes of people such as Cary Nord will drop in. Also, Renae De Liz, she of Womanthology fame, is a regular there.

Added to that are the discussions to be had about creating comics. While ComixTribe does its best to fill in a lot of the gaps, we can’t fill them all, and sometimes a discussion on a topic is exactly what is needed.
And then there is the larger community itself. Want to get some pointers on art? There’s a section for that. Want to get pointers on lettering? There’s a section for that, too. There is also a section for writing (which Steven is the moderator of), as well as inking and coloring. You can post and very often get pointers on what you’re doing right and wrong, as well as how to fix it.
There are also sections where you can let your hair down and just relax. Want to shoot the breeze and be silly? There’s the Chit Chat section. Want to talk about movies or your favorite shows? There’s an area to do just that.
What about if you’re looking for work, or want to have work done? There are areas for that, as well.
All of that and more can be found at Digital Webbing, and more changes are in the pipeline.
Understand, though: this is the internet. There may be personalities you don’t particularly mesh with. That’s okay. The object isn’t to be the most liked. The object is to learn to hone your craft, as well as interact with others–things that the CT forum unfortunately does not have the traffic to provide.
What happens to the CT forums? They will be turned off at the end of the month. Steven is doing his best to make sure the links in the previous posts direct back to Digital Webbing, and that will take some time and effort. Please be patient.
Thank you for your support of us, and for your patience as we make another transition.

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