ComixTribe Launches EPIC Kickstarter! Bonus Incentives for Day One Backers

| September 23, 2013

The  EPIC #1  Kickstarter is now live!  

After several years of development, ComixTribe publisher  Tyler James  (The Red Ten), has just launched a new Kickstarter to raise $1,000 to help fund an offset print run for  EPIC #1, a super-sized superteen action comedy.

EPIC, co-created by artist  Matt Zolman, is the story of teenager Eric Ardor, who in a bizarre twist of fate obtains incredible powers, only to learn that his p kryptonite…is pretty girls.

“This book contains everything I love about superheroes, and is a return to exciting, accessible, and fun comics,” said James. “Matt and I have been working on EPIC for a long time, and now that the book is completely finished, we want to get it out to readers as quickly as possible. And that’s why we’re taking it to the Kickstarter platform.”

An EPIC Preview

“Tyler and I are very proud of this book,” said co-creator Matt Zolman. “But don’t take our word for it…download a ten-page preview!

Advance Praise for EPIC #1

“With a fun concept, a ton of wit, and a one-two punch of charm, Epic #1 delivers a knock-out of a debut issue that reminds us why we all love superheroes.”
-Frank J Barbiere (Five Ghosts, White Suits)

“Hilarious and original. I enjoyed the $&?! out of this comic.”
– Jason Ciaramella (The Cape, Thumbprints)

“Fun, witty and action-packed, Epic is a joy to read.  Not just one of the most exhilarating superhero debuts I’ve read in years, but one of the most perfectly-realised depictions of the toe-curling awkwardness of being a teenager I’ve seen in the comics medium.”
– John Lees (The Standard, And Then Emily Was Gone)

Bonus Incentives for Day One Backers

In an effort to help the EPIC campaign get off to a fast start, ComixTribe is offering a few bonus incentives to “DAY ONE BACKERS” including a special stamp on their reward packages, and an advanced look at next year’s ComixTribe projects before anyone else.

Thanks for the Consideration!  

If you’re looking for more FUN in your comics…we hope you’re check out the  EPIC Kickstarter, and consider backing this project.

And if you can’t back the  EPIC  project, we certainly appreciate sharing the project with others….like this:

“Check out the EPIC Kickstarter! Another cool project from @comixtribe!”
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Tyler James

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