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With all the talk about making plans and setting goals in order to accomplish your dreams, the act of dreaming itself can get lost.

That’s a shame. Dreaming is the first part of the process, and being first, it’s necessary. Having flights of fancy does not hurt you. You never know, the dream itself may just be a stepping stone to actually achieving something.

My dreams?

I want to make $5M in two years. I want to have six comic book ideas coming out on a monthly basis, without any lull between them, I want some of those ideas to be optioned for movies. I want to write the first draft of those films. I also want the films to lead to some animation deals. I also want to write a book that’s the start of a best-selling series, and then sell that option for either a movie or television series.

I want to buy the houses I grew up in, as well as a few houses that were in my family as a kid. I want to set aside $500K for each of my children for college. I want to set up a trust for the entire family, so that there will be family money generations from now.

I want to set up a foundation for black comic book creators.

I want to have a library named after me, in my hometown. Also, a street in my hometown. (Not the one I grew up on.) In my lifetime, so I can see it.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but they’re big dreams.

What are yours?


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