ComixTribe Signs Deal with Diamond, Keeps Micro-Distribution Network Intact

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On April 19, 2012  Independent publisher  ComixTribe  announced a partnership with  Diamond Comics Distributors, Inc. to distribute its creator-owned titles including  SCAM,  THE RED TEN, and others in development.  The upstart publisher had previously made headlines by circumventing the traditional direct market distribution system and still managing to ship thousands of books directly to more than 50 retail partners. The Diamond deal will give the year-old publisher a direct pipeline to virtually every comic shop on the planet.

Diamond Comic Distribution“We’re thrilled to be working with Diamond,” said ComixTribe publisher and THE RED TEN scribe, Tyler James.  “With the help of maverick retailers who took a chance on our books, we were able to demonstrate that our comics could find a readership and deserved shelf space.  Diamond took notice.”  Last November, ComixTribe humbly launched its first title THE RED TEN #1 in a handful of shops, before expanding thanks to a partnership with the  New England Comics Retailers Alliance (NECRA.)    Joe Mulvey’s SCAM #1 built on that momentum, selling out of its first printing of 777 copies 10 days before going on sale in just 21 retailers.  The second issue of THE RED TEN in February was ComixTribe’s widest release to date, and it’s microdistribution network was comprised of more than 50 retailers when they inked the Diamond deal.

“We can’t speak highly enough of the retailers we worked with.  Whether they stocked five copies of our books or 500, we’ve always believed that every single retailer, and every single reader counts.  I promise to keep that in mind as we now have a fighting chance to get stocked in retailers nationwide,” said James.  The Diamond deal will mean ComixTribe books can be ordered alongside the biggest titles from Marvel, DC, Image, and the rest.


The Downside…  

The one drawback to this opportunity is that new issues of  SCAM  and  THE RED TEN  will be delayed until the series has had a chance to distribute through Diamond.  ComixTribe’s Diamond debut book will be a relaunch of  SCAM #1  which will be appearing in the June issue of Previews, for sale in August.  SCAM is X-Men meets Oceans 11″ and involves a team of super-powered grifters on the biggest con of their lives…taking down a Vegas casino and getting revenge on a former teammate who double-crossed them. A remastered version of  THE RED TEN #1  will appear in the August previews, for sale in October. The series will then release on a bi-monthly schedule.”I’m beyond honored that SCAM will be the Diamond debut book for ComixTribe,” said writer/artist Joe Mulvey.  “I’m thrilled people everywhere will have a chance to pick it up at their local shops.  And for those readers who already have, I promise  SCAM #2  will be worth the wait.”

The Presses are Broken on SCAM and THE RED TEN  

Because ComixTribe is  going back to press with a Diamond order in July, no more books for these series will be printed between now and this summer, and the books will soon be pulled from their online shop.  “First prints of  SCAM  and  THE RED TEN  have sold to collectors on Ebay for as high as $25-$59 dollars, so hopefully there’s an opportunity for any of these micro-distributed, limited run issues still out there to increase in value in advance of the Diamond relaunch,” said James.

“We Still See an Opportunity for Micro-Distribution”

ComixTribe also announced that they will continue to keep their micro-distribution network in place.  “While we’re excited to be working with Diamond, we think that there still is an incredible opportunity for short run, exclusive, micro-distributed titles in the comics market.  As a publisher, we see micro-distribution as an opportunity to market test new properties, or reward shops with exclusive books.  And I think retailers also see a value in having an elite selection of books, and stocking books virtually no one else has,” says James.
For this reason, ComixTribe has announced that it will continue to offer certain new titles directly to its micro-distribution network, including the North American retail debut of  THE STANDARD  by John Lees and Jonathan Rector, and  a super limited run of THE RED TEN spin-off  OXYMORON #1, featuring a script by Eisner-nominated writer  Jason Ciaramella  (THE CAPE) later this year.

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Retailers: Interested in ComixTribe Micro-Distribution Network?

ComixTribe has a limited number of spots left for retailers interested in carrying our books.  These spots will be filled first-come, first-serve, so if you are a progressive retailer looking to support quality creator-owned books, contact  (or DM @tylerjamescomic at Twitter) immediately.

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  1. Josh Henaman says:

    Quick question. How does this affect your digital endeavors (more specifically, what I have deemed, “The Graphicly Experiment” with Tyler?) Is there going to be a halt on that front while Diamond ramps up?

    Congrats on all the forward momentum! The hard work is paying off and the “brand” that is Comixtribe is setting the pace.

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