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| October 13, 2014

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I know I’m something of a comic historian. Not a deep one, surely, but enough to understand how each job works and has evolved. I’ve read a decent amount of “old” comics. Definitely not a lot by far, and definitely not enough, but also enough to know what I’m missing.

I see new creators come through, and they have little concept of comic book history. Little understanding of what has come before. While current writers mine the past in order to have a fresh take on old ideas, new writers don’t have much of a clue. And it isn’t just writers. Artists and letterers, too.

I would love to start a college akin to The Kubert School. Have a building where students would go to enroll, and they would learn not just their job, but they would also learn the history of their job. (As a college, they would learn other things, too, such as business practices and media savvy.)

Right now, we have only two options: Comics Experience, and The Kubert School. While improbable, I’d love to see them join forces and add to the curriculum. Something not just focused on creating comic books, but cartooning in general. While there is a ton of free information to be found on the internet, that cannot beat an actual instructor giving you personal guidance, which a lot of creators need.

I think it would be both interesting and fun.

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