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Filling the shoes of a living legend is tough.  Filling the cape and cowl, however, is even tougher.

Such is the plight of Alex Thomas, the former sidekick and current successor of The Standard.  Find out why the critics are raving about this award-nominated indie super hero book by John Lees and Jonathan Rector, which is making it’s North American Debut at the New York Comic Con.  John is coming all the way across the pond from Glasgow to get you hooked on the book, and will be signing and talking about the series at ComixTribe Booth #2537.  John’s also bringing a show exclusive cover limited to just 50 copies, along with first printings of issues #1 and #2.


Available At the Show

THE STANDARD #1 –NYCC Exclusive Standard Edition – $4.00

THE STANDARD #1 – NYCC Exclusive Artist Edition – Featuring an original sketch by fellow ComixTribers Tyler James and Joe Mulvey – $15.00

THE STANDARD #1 – First Printing – $4.00

THE STANDARD #2 – First Printing –  $4.00

THE STANDARD Bundle –  (Issues #1, #2, and NYCC Exclusive Print) – $15.00

THE STANDARD Super Bundle –  (Issues #1 Artist Edition, #2, and NYCC Exclusive Print) – $25.00

Read an 11-Page Preview of THE STANDARD #1 here:

What Critics are Saying about THE STANDARD:

A solid debut for  Lees  and  Rector  onto the comic book scene as well as for a new superhero story that may offer something a bit different than whatMarvel  or  DC  are doing right now If you are someone who wants to support indie comics but isn’t into the supernatural or angst ridden gothic things, this is the title for you.

– Alex Widen,  Brooklyn Comic Books Examiner

The art is fantastic bringing crisp, clean, and beautiful work on every panel. Just like the art, the writing is excellent and panel by panel I found myself feeling as if I was familiar with the characters and developing a bond with them.

– Stephen Jondrew,  Project Fanboy

The Standard  leaps the hurdle that many independent comics cannot. Some indie comics suffer from low-quality art and writing, and clichés both visually and in the narrative.  The Standard  carries itself quite well, providing an intriguing story and characters that are both engaging and easy on the eyes. I have to say that as far as creator-owned, independently-published superhero comics go, you’d be hard pressed to find something better.

– Dan Cole,  Broken Frontier

In the age of reality television and absolute sensationalism,  The Standard  is deeply relevant.

– James Miller,  Comics Bulletin

Comix Tribe is really publishing a slew or interesting titles these days and  The Standard  easily lives up to what I am quickly coming to expect from their titles.

– Tom Feazell,  Omnicomic

This book reeks of professionalism, looking and acting like a Marvel or DC Comic.  The Standard  creative team have no fear in showing the world that they are just as smart and clever as the big boys.

– Luke Halsall,  Geek Syndicate

The Standard #2  is also available now via  IndyPlanet  for $3.99, and digitally from  Graphicly,Wowio,DriveThruComics  and  MyDigitalComics, priced at $1.99.   Critics have also praised this issue:

The Standard  is a comic book story that is growing. This issue continues to hook you in, further then issue one did. It’s structure is far superior to the already great issue one, making you want more.

– Luke Halsall,  Geek Syndicate

Comix Tribe publishing – with the talented team of John Lees, Jonathan Rector, Gulliver Vianei, Mike Gagnon and Kel Nuttall – has us take a look at what it might be like if a human being with actual human emotions was faced with a terrible sense of guilt and loss.

– Tom Feazell,  Omnicomic

At any rate, for fans of super hero comics who are consistently put off by crossover events, continuity revamps and endless appearances by a handful of characters,  THE STANDARD  offers a finite story with new creations and unexpected events. Often times, it is only those indie comics that can offer genuine surprises – as the creator is beholden to no one and thus anything can happen – and  THE STANDARD  is no exception. Regardless of the format, it’s definitely worth a look.

– Alex Widen,  Brooklyn Comic Books Examiner

The Standard #2 is once again a great read and in my opinion will appeal to all different ages and types of readers.

– Stephen Jondrew,  Project Fanboy

Overall, both issues of  The Standard  have been a fresh new take on some old comic book themes with a fantastic story that combines drama and action with a nice touch of humor and that’s complemented well by the eye-catching art. If you’re a fan of superheroes at all I can’t recommend enough that you pick this up.  The Standard  is worth a piece of your comic budget and Lees is a writer that I hope to see a lot more of in the future.


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