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RUN! They’re everywhere!

Run to get them indeed as RUNNERS #1 has hit the digital shelves with a resounding bang. In the last few weeks, we’ve been busy sending out electronic versions of Steven Forbes and Mac Radwanski‘s twice undead opus to our digital distribution partners. The result?

RUNNERS #1 is now available online here:

And you can expect it to be available here as well very soon:


And for you fans of print, physical copies of RUNNERS #1 are available now at Shop.ComixTribe.Com for just $2.99.

So what are you waiting for? RUN FOR IT!



SCRIPT: Steven Forbes
ART: Mac Radwanski
INKS: Vic Moya
LETTERS: Kel Nuttall
EDITOR: Josh Brown

Humanity has been overrun by zombies, forcing the question: how are vampires supposed to survive? It’s horror survival as a vampire ties her future to a group of humans, hiding who and what she is as they stand together to endure the apocalypse.

Set in a world newly overrun with zombies, RUNNERS is a story about a group of human survivors iwho have unknowingly brought a vampire into their midst. It becomes an all-out war for survival when the humans realize they have to survive not just against the dead, but the undead as well! Horror survival at its most gruesome, written by Steven Forbes and drawn by Mac Radwanski.

FORMAT: 26 pages, black and white
PRICE: 1.99

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