OXYMORON Hardcover Pre-Order Campaign Kickstarts on Monday

| July 5, 2012

As was teased in  Tyler James’ latest Comix Counsel column, on Monday July 9, ComixTribe will be launching its first Kickstarter campaign.
For the last eight months, I’ve been working closely with more than 20 creators on a graphic novel collection of stories based on the  OXYMORON, a super-criminal psychopath obsessed with life’s many contradictions.Now that the work is 95% done and hideously good, I want to make sure the end product is worthy of the content.  With the help of readers like you, I’ll be able to produce a disgustingly gorgeous  OXYMORON volume 1 hardcover!The Kickstarter will launch Monday, and we’re not asking for donations…it’s a straight up pre-order drive.  I think we’re offering some of the best incentives I’ve seen yet on Kickstarter, so I sincerely hope you’ll check them out.Now, here’s a sneak peek at OXYMORON before anyone else!

Selfless Man  by Tyler James and John Lees

Quiet Riot  by Paul Allor and Aaron Houston

Living Dead  by Mark Bertolini and Carl Yonder

And that’s just a small tease of what’s to come.  Included in the hardcover collection:

– Nine stories by top up-and-coming creators!
– 100 pages of content! Full color!
– An epilogue by THE RED TEN team of Tyler James and Cesar Feliciano that ties directly into the events of THE RED TEN.
– Bonus pin-ups by top artists!
– Foreward by Jason Ciaramella (The Cape.)

Up-and-coming writers and artists  dive into  The  OXYMORON‘s  past to paint a better picture of the man behind the smile.

  • Passive Aggressive  written by Jason Ciaramella (The Cape, Godzilla), art by Joe Mulvey (SCAM)
  • A Selfless Man  written by John Lees (The Standard), art by Tyler James (The Red Ten)
  • Double Standard  written by Steven Forbes (Runners), art by Dave Myers (Warriors of the Dharuk)
  • Nearly Perfect  written by Yannick Morin (Mascherata), art by Alex Cormack (Chikara)
  • Quiet Riot  written by Paul Allor (Clockwork), art by Aaron Houston (Clockwork)
  • Act Naturally  written by Rich Douek (Gutter Magic), art by Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm)
  • The Living Dead  written by Mark Bertolini (Breakneck), art by Carl Yonder (Ghostlines)
  • Working   Holiday  written by Mark Poulton(Savage Hawkman, Avengelyne), art by Jules Rivera (Valkyrie Squadron)
  • Alone in a Crowd  written by Ryan K Lindsay (The Process), art by Daniel Logan (Back in the Day, EXO-1)

Stay in the Know

Keep an eye out at  ComixTribe.com    and follow hashtag  #OXYMORON2012  on Twitter for up-to-date information and tidbits during the production of  OXYMORON.

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