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| September 6, 2014

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Breathing. It’s one of those things you just can’t get around. We all enjoy breathing, and we want to do more of it.

As creators, we need to develop lifelong habits as well. Things that become as second nature to us as breathing.

Mainly, this has to deal with the business side of creating comics.

There are questions we should be asking ourselves before we ever sit down to actually create (unless we’re creating as an exercise).

First and foremost, can I sell it?

All of the decisions you make, from the artistic side to whether to go physical or digital to paper size to color or b/w and more…all of the decisions made and all the questions asked should fall back to the single question: can I sell it?

If you can’t sell it, then all you’re doing is exercising, which is fine if you want a workout, but a waste of time, otherwise.

The first lifelong habit a creator should develop is asking that question, and then being realistic with the answer. Ask the question, and if you truly believe the answer is yes, then create a plan to sell the work.

It should become as natural as breathing.

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