Last Chance to Pre-Order EPIC #1 Pilot Issue!

| October 18, 2013


“Digital Directors Cut” of EPIC #1 Pilot Releases Tonight at Midnight to ALL BACKERS!

The  EPIC #1  Kickstarter ends in just 8 hours!

After several years of development, ComixTribe publisher  Tyler James  (The Red Ten), utilized Kickstarter to raise $1,000 to help fund an offset print run for  EPIC #1, a super-sized pilot issue for a new superteen action comedy. Initial funding was reached in just a few hours, and the campaign has already exceeded 600% funding, unlocking a number of stretch goal incentives for backers, including upgrading the cover to get a  Foil Embossed Treatment for all Print Backers.

EPIC, written by James and co-created by artist  Matt Zolman, is the story of teenager Eric Ardor, who in a bizarre twist of fate obtains incredible powers, only to learn that his kryptonite…is pretty girls.

“This book contains everything I love about superheroes, and is a return to exciting, accessible, and fun comics,” said James. “Matt and I have been working on  EPIC  for a long time. We’re overwhelmed by the interest and excitement for this book, and can’t wait to get it into backers hands tonight!”

An EPIC Preview

“Tyler and I are very proud of this book,” said co-creator Matt Zolman. “But don’t take our word for it…download a ten-page preview!

Advance Praise for EPIC #1

EPIC  brings the wimpy alter ego, and his problems, right onto the cape stage to amusing effect. There is action and unbridled creativity but it’s the beating heart that grounds it all firmly.”
– Ryan K Lindsay (Fatherhood, Ghost Town)

” Another wicked first issue from ComixTribe that puts the capes and tights genre on notice!”
– Jeff McComsey (Fubar)

“It takes brass ones to name your comic book  EPIC. However, Tyler James and Matt Zolman are up for the challenge. The result is one of the freshest, most original takes on teen superheroes I have ever read. It’s INVINCIBLE by way of a John Hughes movie. Like with theRED TEN,  SCAM, and  THE STANDARD, ComixTribe delivers another hit.  EPIC  lives up to its name.”
– Mark Poulton (Avengelyne, Koni Waves, Savage Hawkman)

Thanks for the Consideration!  

If you’re looking for more FUN in your comics…we hope you’re check out the  EPIC Kickstarter, and consider backing this project.

And if you can’t back the  EPIC  project, we certainly appreciate sharing the project with others….like this:

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Tyler James

ComixTribe Publisher

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