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| September 23, 2014

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There’s the hard way, there’s the smart way, and there’s the strange way.

Lots of creators go the hard way, thinking it’s the smart way. Then they run into a wall, understanding that it’s wrong. A lot of creators stop right there, never trying anything else.

Those that continue on may try the strange way, because the hard way didn’t work. A lot of these creators will run into a brick wall, because they came at the problem from an unexpected angle. Some of these creators will stop right there, never trying anything else.

The smart way is to ask someone who’s in a position to know…and then listen to them. Have an idea that’s strange? Run it by someone who knows and get their take on it. Then listen to what they have to say. They’re in the position of knowing better than you.

People naturally want to help others. Ever held a door for someone who had their hands full? Of course you have. You more than likely did it without thinking. Helping is a natural reaction.

Those that know better and who give you advice are trying to help you. Especially if you know their advice is sound. Not taking it in order to try something different is brave, but that bravery isn’t always rewarded.

Always ask if you know better than someone else when it comes to what’s best for your project.

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