| October 3, 2014

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There are some things to like about this show, and some things I think are troubling.

First, the elephant in the room: DC is not creating a single universe with this show. It’s set in the present, which means the characters we all know are in our futures. Since it is set in the present, it cannot be tied to Arrow or The Flash (different networks notwithstanding), because that then ages the characters and their legacies. Imagine Barry Allen being significantly older than Batman. Yeah, I don’t like it, either.

And that’s my main complaint about the show. The fact that it’s set in the present. My other complaints are minor.

The first is the addition of Renee Montoya. I understand changes that need to be made, but what does her addition to a pre-Batman world add? Maybe it’s beyond me. Television demographics for Hispanic females? Anything’s possible. I don’t object at all to her character, just her addition pre-Batman.

I don’t like adding Selena Kyle to the mystery of who killed the Wayne’s. This basically makes her part of Batman’s origin. I’m not a fan.

The things that I do enjoy, and that my objections cannot detract from at all:

I like that this is really a mystery wrapped in a police procedural, with some origins for well-established characters. I like that the major mystery is who killed Martha and Thomas Wayne, and why. This can last for a season.

The real question will be what’s on tap for season 2? I have little doubt that it will be renewed for another season, but the end of this season will be either Joe Chill, or the fact that this mystery won’t be solved. How either of these will spur season two will be a surprise.

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