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It took some looking, it took some discussion, it took some tweaking, and it will take some MORE tweaking, but better something than nothing, right?

The ComixTribe Forum is now LIVE!

There are some rules and caveats, all of which will be explained at the site. The biggest rule, though: either REAL first and last names, or names you work under. There will be NO screennames.

There’s already some content up. Come in, bookmark, browse, and lets get some discussions going!

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Steven is an editor/writer with such credits as Fallen Justice, the award nominated The Standard, and Bullet Time under his belt, as well as work published by DC Comics. Between he and his wife, there are 10 kids (!), so there is a lot of creativity all around him. Steven is also the editor in chief and co-creator of ComixTribe, whose mission statement is Creators Helping Creators Make Better Comics. If you're looking for editing, contact him at for rate inquiries.

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  1. Awesome news, its great to be around at the beginning of this forum.

    Looking forward to getting stuck in.

    Come on guys and gals…. what you waiting for?! Post, post, POST!!!


  2. Great. All of my test posts are still there and I look like an overtalkative chihuahha.

    I mean, more than usual. 😛

  3. KyleRaios says:

    This is fantastic. Thanks guys!

  4. Conner MacDonald says:


  5. Awesome, it’s stink at work that I can’t access because blocked. I guess I have to wait soon I gets home from work to check it out and post something.

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