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| September 10, 2014

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Remember what General Ackbar said, his most famous line, quoted time and again.

“It’s a trap!”

Here’s what happens:

You’ve been toiling at creating a comic. You’ve created what you believe to be a masterpiece. You’ve even managed to get it into Diamond. You’ve sent out press releases, you’ve tried to build awareness about and around your creation…

And you’ve got nothing to show for it. There are no hits.

But when you read the usual suspects of comics news, you see creators you’ve never heard of putting out work that is either as good as or somewhat inferior to yours (in your eyes), and you wonder what they have that you don’t in order to get the coverage that should be “rightfully” yours. You get upset, and have fallen into the trap.

When you follow comics news, you have to learn to put your ego aside. The news isn’t about you. It’s about what other creators are doing. It’s about what’s being shown to the public. It’s about staying abreast of what’s happening in your realm of business/interest. It’s only about you in the most ephemeral of ways.

Put your ego aside when you read comics news. Better yet, celebrate those creators who are getting coverage. Then use their success to motivate you for your own.

Getting upset only raises your blood pressure, and that’s not something any of us needs.



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