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| September 26, 2014

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It’s damned difficult to find the work you love. Damned difficult. Sometimes, we have to find the work we like, and do that instead. Especially as comic book creators.

Most of us got into this in order to tell stories about our favorite Marvel/DC characters, only to find those doors closed to us. (At least for the moment.) Even though we would “love” to create for these companies, it isn’t in the cards for many of us.

So, we do the work we like, instead.

What do we like? Creating something from whole cloth. Creating something new. Creating something that has never been seen before.

And because we like it, we strive with it. We strive because we want the work to be seen, to spread. We strive because we hope that those who hold the keys to the kingdoms we want to get into will notice us, and then tap us to do the work we “love.”

Here’s a bet I’m willing to make…

I’m willing to bet that Robert Kirkman wanted to write for Marvel. It was something he would love to do. I’m willing to bet he tried, got rejected, and then went and created his own comics. When he got a following, Marvel asked him to create for them, and he did that for a while, and he probably loved it…until he went back to the other books he “liked” doing, and found out he loved that more.

Just because you are doing the work you like doesn’t mean you’re unfulfilled, and it doesn’t mean the work isn’t important. It doesn’t mean you’re settling for less.

Doing the work you like is really another opportunity for you to do the work you love.

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