ComixTribe Milestone Achieved: World-Wide Direct Market Release

| August 29, 2012
Today is a special day.

US comic fans know Wednesdays are always special, because it’s the day of the week new comic books hit the stands. But tomorrow is extra special, as it’s the day that  ComixTribe‘s first world-wide distributed book,  SCAM #1  hits the shelves!

SCAM  is an   Ocean’s 11 meets X-men  style heist story written and drawn by  Joe Mulvey. Joe has put his heart, soul, and wallet into this series…and is a tireless advocate for comics. The dude even took out a 48 foot Billboard in Vegas this month to let the world know about his book, and the awesomeness that awaits them in their local comic book shop.

So, of course, this is a special day for Joe, and for everything we’ve been building here at ComixTribe.

Fact is, it’s not often that I stop and smell the roses.  As soon as one thing is checked off the to-do list, it’s on to the next.  But really, it’s been a long-time personal goal to publish a book through mainstream channels.  So, for a moment at least, I’m going recognize the accomplishment, and be proud of exactly where ComixTribe is right now.

Feels good…

Okay, the moment is over, and the final, final cut-off on orders for  SCAM #2  are due from retailers on  August 31, and we need to get those order numbers up as high as possible in order to keep bringing out this book, and more titles.  Back to work!

SCAM #1 On the Shelves Contest!

I have two (2) SCAM prize packs I’m going to give away, featuring a rare signed SCAM variant, and other ComixTribe goodies.  To win them:

  • Take a picture of a copy or copies SCAM #1 on the racks of your local comic shop.
  • Tweet the pic to @comixtribe, or upload the pic to the ComixTribe Facebook Page, and include the name of the store you took it at.

The FIRST person to do so wins one of the prize packs, and then we’ll pick another winner on Friday from the remaining entries.

SCAM #1 Preview

Again, I appreciate your help, and hope you have fun getting in on the con!


Tyler James

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