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When I was a kid, all I did was read Marvel Comics. And when the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe came out, I was always nose deep in them.

My LCS was called The Incredible Pulp. I loved that store. (It’s closed now.) I first started going as a child. A friend of mine had introduced me to comics, and so I started going once I got hooked. He was a bit of a troublemaker in his youth, and told me that when I wanted to go there and look through the back issues, I had to take off my coat. I was about 10, and had no idea that it was to prevent theft.

Since I was so young, I wasn’t driving, of course. My mother had the duty of taking me to the comic shop. Most of the time by myself, but sometimes my cousin would be with me.

Across the street from the Pulp was a Burger King.

So, one day, my mother takes me to the Pulp, and I had some cousins along. My cousin David and my cousin Jamel, and I don’t remember if there were others, or if any of my aunts were there. While at the Pulp, I had gotten the latest OHOTMU, as well as my regular complement of Marvel comics, and my cousins had gotten their comics, and my mother took us to Burger King.

Well, I’m not paying attention to anything except reading the histories of the characters I loved so much. We’re inside Burger King and on line, waiting to order, and I still haven’t put my book down. My cousins tell me that it’s my turn to order, and I tell the lady behind the counter what I want. I say three words, without looking up from my book.

“A Big Mac.”

My cousins bust out laughing, and the lady kindly says, “I’m sorry, we don’t serve those here.” I look up, finally noticing where I’m at, order my meal, and then I go back to reading, without missing a beat. I forget who I was reading about, but I was deep.

My cousins still laugh at that memory. I smile, myself. It’s a good memory.

I still miss The Incredible Pulp.

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