Get a FREE Sketch at New York Comic Con from ComixTribe!

| September 19, 2012

Update: The FREE Sketch Card Offer is Now Closed.  However, requests may be taken at the show.  Come by ComixTribe Booth #2380!

Attending the New York Comic Con?  Want a FREE sketch!  ComixTribe (Booth #2380) Has the Hook Up!

The talented artists of ComixTribe are giving away 100 Free Sketch Cards of the character of your choice to attendees of the New York Comic Con. Want one?  It’s easy!

In the comments field below, tell us:

  • Your Name
  • Your choice of character
  • The day or days you’ll be at the show

That’s all there is to it!  You can pick up your sketch card at the ComixTribe Booth #2380 in the Small Press section of New York Comic Con!

These FREE Sketch Cards will go fast and are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE! Don’t wait, get your request in TODAY!

What’s that?  You want an even better deal?

We have one for you!  Get a FREE sketch card and add a full character sketch of the character of your choice by the ComixTribe artist of your choice for just $25.00.

That’s right, Tyler James, Joe Mulvey, Cesar Feliciano, and Jonathan Rector each have 5 sketch slots available for NYCC!

Sketches are in pencil and ink, and are drawn on 10.5 x 7.5 boards.  Pre-order now, and pick-up and pay for at the show!

Sketch Slots Available

Tyler James –  SOLD OUT!

Joe MulveySOLD OUT!

Cesar Feliciano  SOLD OUT!

Jonathan Rector  SOLD OUT!

A Serious Art Collector?  Get a Full-Commission at the Show!

Get a FREE sketch card and add a FULL-SIZED commission of the character of your choice by the ComixTribe artist of your choice for just $100.00.

Commissions are drawn on 11 x 17 bristol board.  Pre-order now, and pick-up and pay for at the show!

Full Commissions Slots Available

Tyler James  –  Only 1 full-sized commission slot left

Joe Mulvey  –  SOLD OUT!

Cesar Feliciano  –  Only 1 full-sized commission slot left

Jonathan Rector  – SOLD OUT!

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Comments (55)

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  1. Matt Miner says:

    Matt Miner

    I’d like a creepy-ass James Gordon Jr from Cesar – the $25 one. I’ll be there all 4 days.


  2. Sean Gruosso says:

    I would like a $25 sketch of Venom by Joe Mulvey if he is willing and able.

    • Sean Gruosso says:

      I’ll be at NYCC on Saturday and Sunday.

      • Sean Gruosso says:

        If its ok, I would also like a $25 sketch from Tyler James of Deadpool. So as a recap:

        Sean Gruosso

        $25 sketch of Venom by Joe Mulvey
        $25 sketch of Deadpool by Tyler James

        I’ll be at NYCC Saturday & Sunday.

        Thanks a lot guys, can’t wait!!!


        • Sean Gruosso says:

          Ok, one last addition, I promise. I just wanted to request a free sketch also from both Tyler and Joe. Since I’m already getting the $25 sketches from you guys, I’m gonna leave the free sketch up to you. It can be your favorite character, your favorite to draw, or even one you’ve created. I leave it in your hands.

  3. Barney Eng says:

    Hi Comix Tribe Crew:

    Thanks for offering a Free Sketch Card for New York Comic Con attendees!

    I’d like to request the following:

    Choice of character: Elektra Assassin

    Here is additional information per your request:

    Name: Barney Eng

    The day or days I’ll be at the show: Saturday

    I’ll see you at the show!

  4. John Graham says:

    Hi Tyler and Gang!
    I would love the 25.00 sketch package please.
    I’d like the free sketch to be of either David Tennet as Doctor Who, or of the Tardis, whichever you’d like to do more.
    For the large sketch, I would love to have Jonathan Rector draw the DC Character Swamp Thing. Pick your favorite version of him, I know he’s looked differently over the years.
    I’ll be there on Sunday and can’t wait to see you all.
    John Graham

  5. Pat Hess says:

    Hey guys,

    Name: Pat Hess
    Full Character sketch request: Kilowog
    Days at show: all 4

    Also, I’d like to reserve one of the Mulvey sketch cards if that’s cool?


    • Pat Hess says:

      Just realized I forgot a few details…

      Full character sketch by Jonathan Rector, and the sketch card from Mulvey of Oxy.

  6. Josh Atkins says:

    Wow, a free sketch card is fantastic! Thanks guys!

    Your Name — Josh Atkins
    Your choice of character — Could I possibley get Joe Mulvey sketching out Captain America?
    The day or days you’ll be at the show — Saturday only

  7. Issar Qaissi says:

    wow you guys are doing great things at your booth, scam, the oxymoron book and red ten im going to be broke XD

    Issar Qaissi

    i would like the $25 package, for the sketch card i would like Oxymoron, as for the other sketch i would like Joe Mulvey to do a badass luther strode

    i will be there 3 days

  8. Amy Galante says:

    This is fantastic! I’d like to request the free sketch card, please.
    Name: Amy Galante
    Choice of character: Spiderman (for my six year-old nephew; getting him hooked early!)
    Days I’ll be at the show: Wednesday-Sunday (press/librarian)

  9. I will be there all 4 days

    Tyler James
    sipderman for the free one

    Cesar Feliciano
    Batman 25.00 big sketch

  10. Tony Orgelfinger says:

    I’d love a free sketch card for my 5 year old son.

    Name: Tony Orgelfinger
    Your choice of character: Anakin Skywalker, from the clone wars cartoon if you can.
    The day or days you’ll be at the show: I’ll be there Saturday

  11. Kirk Hayes says:

    I would love a sketch card for my 2 year old son.

    Name: Kirk Hayes
    Character choice: Batman (Since he loves Batman)
    Day I will be at NYCC: Saturday

  12. Sophia murillo says:

    name: sophia murillo
    character: batman
    Days: thursday, friday, saturday, sunday

  13. Andrew Hernandez says:

    Hey ComixTribe! I am REALLY interested in the full $100 commish, but how crazy can I get? For example, could I get two characters fighting each other?

    • Tyler James says:

      Andrew, why don’t you describe what you’re thinking, and I’ll let you know if it’ll work for the $100 commission.

      • Andrew Hernandez says:

        I am thinking of an epic fight between Batman and Ironman, and quite possibly their butlers Alfred and Jarvis (the man, not the machine) also scrapping in the background.

        • Andrew Hernandez says:

          Would that be something that is able to be done?^

          • Tyler James says:

            With four characters, the cost would be $125…but we could make it happen. Are you in?

          • Andrew Hernandez says:

            I’m in! Would it be possible to get Mr. Mulvey for the full commish?
            In addition, Mr. James, would it be possible to get the $25 commish of Magneto from you?
            THANKS SO MUCH!! I will be at the show on friday

          • Tyler James says:

            You got it, Andrew! Joe will knock your commission out of the part, and I’ll happily draw you a Magneto as well! See you Friday!

  14. nena hernandez says:

    Free small sketch!

    Of poison ivy

    I will be there Friday

    My name is Nena!!

    Thanks brah

  15. jeorge porrino says:

    If possible I’d like a free sketch of the Martha Wayne joker from the flashpoint tie in as well as a $25 sketch of the Thomas Wayne Batman,both by Cesar Feliciano. I will be at the show thurs, Fri, &.sat

  16. David Arce says:

    Name- David Arce
    Free scetch of – Batman
    Friday, Saturday, Sunday

  17. Michele Ludena says:

    My name: Michele Ludena

    Character: Catwoman

    Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

  18. Rob Zeida says:

    My name Rob Zeida
    Sketch Card of Invincible by Joe Mulvey
    25.00 sketch of Conquest by Joe Mulvey
    Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday


  19. Kristen konzelman says:

    Artist Joe Mulvey $25 Harley quinn, free sketch of poison ivy, attending thurs,fri & sat

  20. I’d love a sketch card of Judge Dredd, and a $25 sketch of a Disc Warrior TRON from the original movie by Joe Mulvey ! – I’m at the con Fri – Sun.


  21. AJ Pinto says:

    Hey can i change free character sketch to batgirl instead? I’m also interested in the $100 commission of the same character also. Is that still available?

  22. Josh Gorfain says:

    Would love Mr. Rector to draw something from Meatspace, my comic.

    If he hasn’t read it, I’ll be happy to send him a copy of the first issue.

  23. Rich Douek says:

    Hey Tyler,

    I’d love it if Jonathan Rector could do a $25 sketch of Cinder from Gutter Magic.

    I can provide reference in advance of the show, and I’ll be there all 4 days. LMK.

  24. michael damiano says:

    I’ll be at the con all 4 days, all day, and I’d love Cesar Feliciano to draw me a $25 joker sketch!

  25. Mandee Serrano says:

    Name: Mandee Serrano

    Sketch Card Of green Lantern

    Days: Friday , Saturday, Sunday

  26. Albert R Rojas says:

    Batman – Attending Friday

  27. Michael Rojas says:

    Spiderman- Attending Friday

  28. Joe Mulvey says:

    Thanks to everyone who filled up my spots. Can’t wait to get you the work. And I’m kind of surprised no one wanted any of Wolverine, Oxy or even that new guy from Image comic’s Bedlam. Maybe I’ll have some extra at the show. I’m drawing now and JUST CAN’T STOP!

    See all you guys at NYCC! It’s gonna be a great show. Thanks for supporting the TRIBE!

  29. Eddie Lee says:

    Thanks for offering this up.
    Name: Eddie Lee
    Free sketch of Batman
    Will be there Thur, Fri and Sat.


  30. Eddie Leung says:

    Your Name: Edward Leung
    Your choice of character: Free sketch of Catwoman
    The day or days you’ll be at the show: Fri, Sat and Sun


  31. Rob Garnier says:

    Hey guys, wow what a great offer.

    Name: Rob Garnier

    I’d love a $25 full sketch of doctor who (Matt smith if possible, or David tennant)

    Could I get a free sketch of a classic horror character (maybe Jason voorhees?)

    I’ll be there all weekend fri-sun

    Thank you very much!!!

  32. Stanley ng says:

    Thanks for offering this up.
    Name: Stanley Ng
    I’d love a $25 full sketch of Batman
    Will be there Fri and Sat.

  33. david ng says:

    I would like the Batman sketch. I will be there on Fri and Sat. Thank you

  34. Anthony Bassolino says:

    Actually scratch that….can I get a free badass sketch of the punisher? I will be attending on Friday

  35. David Huang says:

    Free Sketch card, please, thank you!

    Name: David Huang
    Character: The Flash (Wally West)
    Days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

  36. Louis Marinos says:

    I know it’s short notice. Thankfully Jonathan Rector still had one sketch left. My brother and I will both be there Saturday. If possible can you draw a badass batman the $25 one and if a card is still available that too. . It’s his favorite character.

    Louis Marinos.