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| July 22, 2012

Creating comics is HARD work, and for the aspiring writer, there is a HUGE learning curve. Writing a great script, finding an art team, managing that art team, hitting deadlines, formatting for print, pitching to publishers, printing…there is SO MUCH WORK that goes into taking an idea in your head to a finished comic book. Mistakes in any phase can spell doom for the project.

As a part of the OXYMORON hardcover Kickstarter campaign, we’ve just annouced a one-of-a-kind package designed specifically to help with all that.

Pledge $2,750 or more

Backers Limited (1 of 1 left)

COMIC WRITER’S DREAM PACKAGE: In addition to your artist edition OXYMORON hardcover and “Digital Deluxe” PDF, this one-of-a-kind offer has  everything needed to help bring YOUR own 22-page comic to life. Designed specifically for the aspiring comic book writer, this package includes:

1) Initial story/project consultation with  Tyler James  via email and Skype to make sure your project gets off to the best start possible.

2) Full story and script editing by ComixTribe E-I-C  Steven Forbes.

3) 22 sequential pages and a cover (pencils and inks) by YOUR CHOICE of #Oxymoron2012 contributing artists:  Alex Cormack,  Jonathan Rector,  Dave Myers, orRafer Roberts,  all of whom are published pros who will do an incredible job on your book.

4) Full Colors and Letters by a ComixTribe color artist and letterer.

5) Full print-ready production by ComixTribe, and proofing by ComixTribe Editorial.

6) A pitch proposal, marketing, printing & distribution consultation session with  Tyler James.

You, the writer, will retain full rights to the property, and can pitch to publishers or self-publish! This project will begin as soon as the writer is ready, and will be completed in 2013.

(Check the FAQ at the bottom of the OXYMORON Kickstarter page for additional details.)

Yes, $2,750 is a LOT of money.    This package is really aimed at the writer who’s been planning on doing this for a while, has been putting aside some money, but has been hesitant to pull the trigger.  This is for the writer who wants support to bring his dream to life, and would be excited to work with one of the artists above, and with the team at ComixTribe to make it happen.

Nine months ago,  OXYMORON  was an idea in my head.  This month it’s a fully funded project, and in November it will be a book in my hands.

We want to help one backer do the same thing with the idea in his head.

If you’re out there, we can’t wait to work with you.

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