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Kingdom Come

| September 12, 2014

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Remember when this was the future that DC was working towards?

At the time, it was a damned good story. I do think it was a product of its time, though. I think that Waid and Ross told a story well, with a couple of tricks, but it could only have been done once. And then they decided to make it the model their universe was going to work towards.

That notion didn’t last too long. Thankfully.

When the story came out, I was entranced. And then they did a novelization of it, and I was entranced again. And then…they did a full cast audiobook of it, and I was enthralled. It was great: full cast, sound effects, music…what more could a fan ask for?

I bought it as a cassette, but I really wanted it on cd. I’m hard on cassettes. I can play them until they break. (I know, because I’ve done it.) And then I moved, and it was packed away for a while. And when I got my iPhone, I really wanted it on cd/mp3!

I eventually got it in the proper format, and I listen to it semi-regularly. I’m much more into Graphic Audio. I wish they would redo the story, but it’s too short, to my mind. It’s maybe a couple of hours long, and the graphic audio stories often seem to be around five to six hours in length. So there’s that.

Go there now. Graphic Audio. They’ve gotcher Marvel, they’ve gotcher DC. More DC than Marvel, but I haven’t been disappointed yet. The only one that came close to disappointing me was Wayne of Gotham. You can skip that one if you want.

Yeah, they should get with Waid and Ross to expand Kingdom Come and give it the proper Graphic Audio rendition it deserves.

I am Von Bach!

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