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Lego Comics

| August 20, 2014

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Growing up, I Made Mine Marvel. That’s who I was as a kid. I was a True Believer. Even the Marvel cartoons (Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, the Incredible Hulk, and the early cartoons of the 60s and 70s) had me all open.

I saw DC as more silly. SuperFriends was silly. Lighthearted fun. I couldn’t take it seriously.

I was never really much of a Superman fan. Sure, I watched reruns of George Reeves in costume, and I loved Christopher Reeve in his role of Superman, but I never collected his comic. It just didn’t hold any interest for me. DC just didn’t hold my attention.

I didn’t start to get into DC until I went to Japan. I had joined the Marine Corps, and before I had gone in, they were talking about killing Superman on the news. That was big news! Superman was gonna die! By the time I got to Japan, we were into Reign of the Supermen. That’s what I collected (because it was basically all they had at the PX).

I can’t say that I got into Superman, but I got to learn DC somewhat better. I collected a little DC when I got back to the states. Nothing too major. Basically, I just added to my Marvel stuff.

Then, Lego got a DC licensing deal. First it was video games, such as Lego Batman, and then they produced Lego Batman: The Movie.

This was great.

Batman was grim and was the straight man as others made jokes. These weren’t jokes that were constructed as jokes (three men walk into a bar…), but they were funny because of the situation. It was great.

The movie also had a Superman that was actually fun to watch.  This is a Superman that I could collect, if he were written this way. It was an extremely fun movie.

There needs to be a Lego Superman movie or comic book. That is something that I believe I would enjoy. My wife would wonder what’s wrong with me, but that version of Superman is one I would love to see. He was fun.

I can get behind the concept of Lego comics from DC. I think it would be very, very fun. And we need more all-ages books, don’t we?

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