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Get a FREE SKETCH from ComixTribe at New York Comic Con 2013!

| August 26, 2013 | 43 Comments

FREE PRE-ORDER COMMISSIONS AND SKETCH CARD OFFER NOW CLOSED…However, Artists WILL be sketching all weekend long!

Come to ComixTribe BOOTH #1170-1172 in Small Press to Get Your Art!


Attending the New York Comic Con?  Want a FREE sketch!  ComixTribe (Booths #1170-1172) Has the Hook Up!

The artists of ComixTribe are giving away 100 Free Sketch Cards of the character of your choice to attendees of the 2013 New York Comic Con. Want one?  It’s easy!

In the comments field below, tell us:

  • Your Name
  • Your choice of character
  • The day or days you’ll be at the show

That’s all there is to it!  You can pick up your sketch card at the ComixTribe Booths (#1170-1172) in the Small Press section of New York Comic Con!

These FREE Sketch Cards will go fast and are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE! Don’t wait until they’re gone, get your request in TODAY!



We have one for you!  Get a FREE sketch card and add a larger, more detailed commission of your choice by the ComixTribe artist of your choice.

Tyler James, Joe Mulvey, and Cesar Feliciano, each have a limited number of pre-order sketch slots available for NYCC 2013!

OPTION 1 – $30 Pencil and Ink Commission by Tyler James

In addition to your FREE sketch card, get a detailed commission from ComixTribe’s Tyler James.

Sketches are in pencil and ink, and drawn on 10.5 x 7.5 boards.  Pre-order now, and pick-up and pay for at the show!

Sketch Slots Available:

Tyler James – 8 Commissions Still Available

OPTION 2 – $60 Water Color Commission by Cesar Feliciano

For the first time ever, Cesar Feliciano (THE RED TEN) has opened up pre-orders for gorgeous watercolor commissions.  These premium art pieces are in pencil, ink, and watercolor, painted on11x17 bristol board. Pre-order now, and pick-up and pay for at the show!*

These will go fast!


Sketch Slots Available:

Cesar Feliciano – 10  9 Commissions Still Available

(Note: Cesar will only be at NYCC Saturday and Sunday, so you will need to pick up the commissions on those days.)

OPTION 3 – Are You A Serious Art Collector?  Get a Full-Sized Commission by Joe Mulvey

Get a FREE sketch card and add a FULL-SIZED commission of the character of your choice by “the most dangerous man in comics” Joe Mulvey (SCAM)  for just $100.00.

Commissions drawn on 11 x 17 bristol board.  Pre-order now, and pick-up and pay for at the show!*

Full Commissions Slots Available:

Joe Mulvey – 3 2 Commissions Still Available

Note: Because of the amount of time required to produce this type of commission, and their limited quantity, a 50% deposit via Paypal will be required in advance, with the balance to be paid upon pick-up at NYCC.

Oh, and be sure to let your friends know about this offer while it’s still available:

“I just snagged a FREE sketch for NYCC from the artists @ComixTribe — Can’t wait for the show!” (CLICK TO TWEET)

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Comments (43)

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  1. Wes Locher says:

    Well heck, I’ll jump on this! I’m looking forward to finally meeting the ComixTribe crew.

    I’m hoping one of the talented participating artists will be thrilled to do a Scud: The Disposable Assassin sketch. I’ll be there Friday and Saturday and will probably end up spending way too much money at your table.

    Wes Locher

  2. Sean Gruosso says:

    I would like Cesar to do a Nightwing commission for me. He’s the only one I haven’t received a commission from yet. I’ll finally be able to put everything into a frame. I’ll should be there all three days. Thanks!!

    Sean Gruosso

  3. bobby says:

    Bobby Pellechia
    Pint from Scam
    I’ll be there on Saturday

  4. Alex says:

    Alex Charney
    Groot by Joe or Tyler
    Can I pick it up at Granite State Comic-Con?

  5. Louis Marinos says:

    Full Size from the one and only Joe Mulvey. I’d like him to do Darth Vader if he is up to the challenge. I will definitely be there on Saturday and may come on Sunday as well.

  6. Robert Rummel says:

    Tyler can I get a $30 sketch of Galactus
    I’ll be at NYCC all weekend

  7. mike gomez says:

    mike gomez
    could i get sketch card of the oxymoron?
    i’ll be at the NYCC on fri and sat.


  8. Seth Garry says:

    Seth Garry
    can i get a sketch from tyler james of any character from red ten
    ill be there on firday

  9. Issar Qaissi says:

    Hey tyler was just wondering if the 50% deposit is both for the water color and full sized commission, also will there be exclusives just like the oxy trade last year.

    • Tyler James says:

      Yes, the Cesar and Mulvey commissions, because of their time-consuming and limited nature, do require the 50% deposit to lock a spot. And yes, we do have some cool exclusives for NYCC this year. We’ll be announcing them in the next few weeks. Hope to see you there!

  10. Garrett Mehr says:

    Hey guys, very interested in a sketch card.

    Garrett Mehr

    The Flash (Barry Allen)

    Ill be at NYCC on Saturday the 12th.

    I’m also interested in a commission by one of you and will get back to you about that, just need to figure out my money situation (you know how it is…)


  11. Jeremy Peloquin says:

    Jeremy Peloquin
    Batman by Cesar
    Fri 11th, Sat. 12th, and Sun. 13th

  12. Pat Hess says:

    Pat Hess
    Catwoman by Cesar
    I’ll be there all 4 days

  13. Vincent Russell says:

    Hey i’d like to get a sketch card from you guys here’s my info

    Name- Vincent Russell
    Character- Aquaman
    Day there- Friday

    Also i’ll be getting in touch with you guys again soon. Me or my brother may get a commission from you guys.

  14. Vincent Russell says:

    Can i get a commission of Poison Ivy by Cesar?

    Vincent Russell

    I’ll be at NYCCC on friday but my friend can pick it up for me. Also are you guys only doing pre orders or will you be doing some stuff on site at NYC?

    • Exastiken says:

      I am in a similar dilemma, in that I am only going to be at NYCC on Friday, but will have a friend going later in the weekend.

  15. Josh Atkins says:

    Name – Josh Atkins
    Character – Captain America by Joe Mulvey

    I’ll be at the show on Saturday


  16. Gotta to take advantage of this!
    Name- Reid Harris Cooper
    Character-Any one of these guys could tackle the made for comics wrestler Ultramantis Black
    Days-All 4 days

  17. Matt Bouffard says:

    If there’s still room, I’d love to request a sketch card.

    name – Matt Bouffard
    character – Death’s Head (original Marvel UK version)
    days attending – Friday & Saturday

    It’s very cool of you to extend this offer. Thank you.

  18. Tony Orgelfinger says:

    name – Tony Orgelfinger
    Character- Buzz Lightyear
    day attending – Sunday.


  19. Kirk Hayes says:

    name- Kirk Hayes
    Character- The Incredible Hulk
    Day Attending- Sunday

  20. Paul Bouffard says:

    I’m attending my first con in 21 years with my son and would love a sketch card to commemorate the event!

    name – Paul Bouffard
    character – Captain America (WWII version)
    days attending – Friday & Saturday

    Thanks very much for this opportunity.

  21. Ryan Kroboth says:

    I would like to get a pen and ink commission from Tyler. I would like to be surprised as to what character you choose! Anything is cool by me.

    My name is Ryan Kroboth, and I will be attending Saturday.

    Can’t wait for NYCC and the chance to meet you guys.

  22. Barney Eng says:

    Hi Comix Tribe:

    Thanks for offering this chance to get an original sketch at NYCC!

    Here’s the info you requested:

    Your Name: Barney Eng

    Your choice of character: Jezella (Got Milk?) by Cesar Feliciano

    The day or days you’ll be at the show: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

    See ya at the show!




  23. Justin Cenname says:

    Justin Cenname

    Sketch of Deadpool

    Saturday or Sunday

  24. k says:

    hey, if there’s any slots left, i’d like to tack my sketch card request on here:

    Your Name: kiana rogovin
    Your choice of character: indiana jones

    i’ll be there fri/sat/sun

    see you there!

  25. Robin E. Cook says:

    Are any slots left?

    My name: Robin E. Cook
    Sketch of Kate Bishop (Hawkeye)
    I’ll be there Friday and Sunday.

  26. Exastiken says:

    Are any slots left? I’m interested in getting a commission of a webcomic character, but I don’t know if that is allowed.

  27. Exastiken says:

    Will the drawings also be scanned into digital versions?

  28. Marianne Fitzgerald says:

    I’ll be there Sunday

  29. Jay Chasi says:

    Name: Jay Chasi

    Character: Deadpool

    I will be there Thursday,Friday, Saturday and Sunday

  30. Eddie Leung says:

    Name: Eddie Leung

    Character: Spiderman

    Fri, Sat & Sun

  31. Dylan Ablan says:

    If you guys are still taking submissions, a sketch would be awesome!

    Name : Dylan Ablan

    Character: Lara Croft

    I’ll be there Friday.

  32. Rob Zeida says:

    I’ll take any character from Invincible from anyone. I’ll be there Thursday through Saturday.

  33. Blake Mattthews says:

    Name: Blake Matthews
    Character: Classic Clint Barton Hawkeye
    Attending: Fri, Sat & Sun

  34. Yvette Packer says:

    Is it 1 per guest? I have 3 boys who’ll be with me.

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