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The Standard #1: On Sale Now!

| May 11, 2011 | 7 Comments

The Standard #1 is now on sale!

The Standard is a 6-issue comic book miniseries, each chapter 28 pages long.  This first issue is written by John Lees, pencilled and inked by Jonathan Rector, colored by Ray Dillon and Mo James, lettered by Kel Nuttall, and edited by Steven Forbes.  The comic is debuting digitally, published by ComixTribe, and is now available from these platforms, priced at $1.99:

Download PDF from Wowio.

Download PDF from DriveThruComics.

In the coming days, The Standard #1 will also be available from, Iverse, MyDigitalComics and Oxicomics.  Keep on checking for updates.

If you would rather have a print edition of The Standard #1 you can hold in your hands, we’ve got you covered.  Soon, you’ll be able to order a copy from IndyPlanet.  This will soon be ready to go, I’m just making a few final checks.  Hopefully, you should be able to get The Standard #1 in print as soon as next week.

Please check the comic out, and let me know what you think!  And keep on checking out for release information and original content!


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  1. Congratulations, John!

    I’ll be sure to pick this up as soon as the print version is available. What can I say? I’m a material guy! 😛

  2. John Lees says:

    Thanks Yannick!

    It’s interesting, a lot of people have been saying they’re going to wait for the print version. You shouldn’t have to wait too long – it’ll be going on sale from IndyPlanet soon.

    • Well apart from the fact I’d have to read it on my laptop (I don’t have an iPhone or an iPad), I prefer the feel and smell of printed paper.

      I was actualy having that discussion with someone lately and I drew a parallel between comics and theater. With theater, when a play comes out, you have to be there, sitting in the audience, watching it live on stage. If someone tapes it and you watch it at home on your TV, you’ll find there’s a lot of the magic missing. For my part, I feel the same way about comics: the magic is there in the book when it first comes out and you hold it right here in your hands. I guess that explains why I have trouble buying trades too; it feels too much like a VCR version of the comic!

  3. Johnny Vinson says:

    This is so awesome John. As someone I’ve known over that the GLCMB for awhile now, it’s great to see your first comic come to publication. Good luck going forward!

  4. John Lees says:

    Thanks Johnny!

  5. John Lees says:

    Yannick, you can now get The Standard #q in print via IndyPlanet:

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