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Welcome to ComixTribe!

| December 31, 2010 | 4 Comments

Happy New Year and Welcome to ComixTribe!, is a new website and online community for comic book writers and artists.  This site will feature quality content and resources for creators serious about improving their craft.

ComixTribe’s mission is simple: Creators helping creators make better comics.

The grand vision of what ComixTribe will become is extremely ambitious.  The ultimate goal is to make ComixTribe a premier online community and resource for comic creators serious about improving their craft.

We have an ambitious and exciting roadmap laid out for the development of the site.  However, we’re starting small and simple, with an initial focus on producing quality content geared toward comic creators.  To that end, ComixTribe Editor-In-Chief Steven Forbes and I are curating a small selection of quality columns, podcasts, and resources we’re confident will appeal to the comic creating community at large.  Through frequent, consistent, and quality content updates, we hope to establish ComixTribe as a voice worth listening to.  As the community builds, we’ll incorporate new features that will go beyond content, to meet the many needs of comics creators.  ComixTribe will also sponsor special online events for creators throughout the year, such as the popular 30 Characters Challenge.

This site has been been in development for some time now, and I’m extremely excited about getting ComixTribe off the ground in 2011. Readers of the Creating Comics! column I’ve had the privilege of writing for the past two years over at Comic Related know how passionate I am about sharing what I’ve learned in my pursuit of becoming a better creator. ComixTribe, will allow me to continue to do so, only by banding with other like minded creators, at a much larger scale.  Though we tend to prefer to avoid hype and let the content do the talking, I’d like to tease a few of the regular features that will make CT a great resource for creators in the New Year.

For Writers…

Steven Forbes is relaunching his popular weekly column The Proving Grounds under the ComixTribe banner.  TPG is a column where Steven edits writer-submitted comic scripts, points out their strengths and weaknesses, and calls out more universal rules of thumb that any comic scribe can apply.  We all have certain blind spots when it comes to our own work.  However, by thoroughly analyzing the mistakes or triumphs of others’ work in a thoughtful forum such as The Proving Grounds, we can call learn a thing or two.  Steven is accepting scripts for TPG now, so if you’re a “Brave One” read THE RULES and submit!

Steven is also bringing back his acclaimed column Bolts + Nuts, which reads like a Master’s course in comic book scriptwriting.  It’s must read stuff, and if you’re a comics writer, I’ll expect you’ll be reading the site each Tuesday for your B+N fix.

For Artists…

I’m thrilled about Draw Over!, a column where a professional comic artist will review pages of submitted sequential art from the portfolio of a fellow comic artist.  The artist will provide constructive crits on the samples, including draw overs, where the artist takes a digital blue pencil to the page to illustrates areas for improvement (panel to panel flow, anatomy issues, perspective problems, etc.) along with providing general tips for improving the samples.  Super talented artist Tommy Patterson (Boom! Studio’s Farscape) will be the inaugural pro artist penning the column.  If you’re an artist interested in submitting your sequentials for a future Draw Over! column, here are the details.

For both…

Not to be outdone, I’ll be contributing a regular column to the site as well, called Comix Counsel, which will be similar in tone and approach to the popular Creating Comics! column I’ve written at Comic Related for the past two years.  Comix Counsel will be my weekly soapbox for sharing my thoughts, triumphs, setbacks, tips, tricks, and everything in between that’s comic related.  I hope that you’ll join me each Monday in 2011.

And that’s just the first week! We’ll be rolling out addition regular features to cover the entire comic creating spectrum in the weeks and months to come. If you’re reading this, I’m betting you have a passion for both creating comics and sharing your knowledge of creating them with others.  If so, I hope you’ll join our Tribe.


Tyler James
Creator, Educator, Publisher

ComixTribe. Creators helping creators make better comics.

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Tyler James is a comics creator, game designer, educator, and publisher residing in Newburyport, MA. He is the writer and co-creator of THE RED TEN, a superhero murder mystery, EPIC, a superteen action comedy, and TEARS of the DRAGON, a swords and sorcery fantasy. Tyler is the publisher and co-creator of ComixTribe, which is both a new imprint of quality creator owned titles, and an online community where creators help creators make better comics. Follow him on Twitter @tylerjamescomics, or send him an email at

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  1. John Lees says:

    Good to see Comix Tribe up and running – I’ve been looking forward to this site going live!

    I’ve taken a look at all the columns, and I think the site is off to a great start. I can’t wait to see the community grow, and I hope plenty of aspiring creators get the chance to learn from all these resources being provided.

    Best of luck!

  2. Tyler James says:

    Hey, thanks for checking us out as we’re just getting started, John! I know you’ve been working hard yourself, and I think we’d all love to learn a thing or two from you as well.

  3. Ken Drab says:

    Great stuff Tyler! Glad to see you guys up and running!

    Best of luck!!

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