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Draw Over #5: Kevin Maher

| June 20, 2012 | 1 Comment

This Week’s Artist…

Kevin Maher is up this week in Draw Over!  Kevin submitted a number of pages for consideration, and for this installment, Tommy reviewed three sequential pages from an “Invaders” sample script.  Watch the recorded critique, and read the review summary below.

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Instead of concentrating on the sequentials, I’m going to focus on Kevin’s overall drawing skills.  The first thing I’d recommend is that Kevin go to JOHN K’s blog and look up gesture, construction, and hierarchy. The reason I say that:


Panel 1 – If you look at any one part of Captain America, it looks okay, but if you look at it as a whole, it’s way off. His parts aren’t working together. George Bridgman’s COMPLETE GUIDE TO DRAWING FROM LIFE has a really good chapter on weighting the figure, rhythm, balance, and how to get the parts working with one another.

Panel 2 – Bucky’s arm is fine. I’m not sold on the highly stylized mouth, though. The problem a lot of people have is the teeth match the lips. The truth is the teeth stay the same while the lips move around the teeth.


Panel 1 – It looks like Cap’s shield exploded out of his hold. The panel isn’t too clear because of the depth within it. There’s no math behind it. Here’s the horizon line that shows that the foreground figure isn’t in the field of perspective. Always draw through to find the vanishing point. This was mentioned in a previous DRAW OVER! (Note: In the pages by Igor Glushkin).

Panel 2 – Cool stuff going on with the buff Sub-Mariner. The upper part of the chest is fine, but the pelvis isn’t matching. Where is the weight supported? Draw through to figure balance and how the weight is supported.

The page is going to look messy, so use blue pencil. Early artwork isn’t a concern. It’s how it looks in print. Get better at constructing by drawing more life, with more sketching in a sketchbook. This is where you resolve the problems.

Panel 3 – Work on gestures by doing life drawing. The helmet looks like it was drawn first, not drawn through. Study base shapes.


Panel 1 – Nice action, but again, weight and gestures. Weight down the guy with the machine gun.

Panel 2 – Study effects. A cloud can look like a cloud even when it’s cartoony.

To summarize, work on weighting the body, drawing through, gestures, and effects. And read John K. He’ll get you on track.


Tommy Patterson is the artist on the Game of Thrones comic book adaptation from Dynamite.  View his online portfolio here, and follow him on Twitter @TommyFPatterson.  And of course, tune in for the next Draw Over!

If you’re an artist interested in submitting your sequentials for a future Draw Over! column, send an email to [email protected].

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  1. Ruth says:

    Tommy, I have a project you would be perfect for–how can I get in touch with you?

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